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Our mixed voice group is fun and you will be made very welcome.

You do not need to be able to read music as long as you are able to hold a tune. All sheet music and teaching tracks are supplied from our great website, together with details of our performances, engagement diary and a directory of members. There is relaxed audition when you are ready, in a small group,   If you haven’t sung for some time, come and give it a go.   Singing is good for your health, makes you happy and when you sing with others it becomes a shared pleasure.

Apart from our many performances, we enjoy great social occasions too and you will find some of us in the local pub on a Monday evening after rehearsal!

Rehearsals are on Monday evenings. See Find Us for details. Visitors and potential members are always welcome, but it would be wise to contact us beforehand to check that there is a rehearsal on the evening you’ve chosen. We do not meet on public holidays.

"A Cappella" singing is the oldest form of music. The term refers to unaccompanied (ie. without instruments) choral or individual singing.
Literally it is an Italian phrase meaning 'in the manner of the church' - a byproduct of its liturgical development.
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